& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike, Reebok ...... several big brands, "interbank" competition has been very intense. The latest news from the headquarters of the American Society for Quality, said: In the competition category of non-durable goods, Pepsi Cola before jumping; sports footwear, "Reebok" than major competitors "Nike." According to the analysis, Pepsi leading reason may be due to its ability to quick cheap jordans online ly adapt to American habits and attitudes are changing: the tend to drink diet sodas and bottled water. The Coca-Cola Company worldwide 85% of the profits from generally considered unhealthy carbonated drinks. Two giant sneaker production continued competition "Reebok" and "Nike" between the interesting changes have taken place. In terms of perceived quality, Reebok 2.4% growth surpassed Nike. Analysts pointed out that the cheap jordans for sale mens conduct of "perceived value and loyalty score shows that consumers feel that they buy Reebok better value for money."custom culture is gradually favored by consumers at the moment, Reebok also launched their custom series Reebok -your. the custom although compared to other brands of some late, but it is indeed meet the RBK death faithful demand, provides the total 10 kinds of shoes in the custom content, and can choose the Cheap air jordans for sale fabric has more than 20 kinds, of course, to estimate the most attract you is even insta pump fury can be customized, in such a setting, it is estimated that first come up will lead to street of different styles of insta pump fury frenzy. of course for domestic consumption, the service is currently not yet way, because this is the first stop in Asia, Japan, but believe that the current situation, the Chinese market will cheap jordans for sale have a special consumption capacity will be opened as soon as possible. source: Reebok ; ; ; Korea fashion brand Juun.J in recently Paris fashion week on the catwalk, eye-catching is the exposure and well-known sports brand Adidas, jointly build spring 2015 signed a series of cooperation. The shoe designs can be described as the old era of classic and contemporary avant-garde fashion the perfect combination, desi Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping gn the classic superstar blueprint for the design, color matching is presented in minimalism, white and black two launch, leather to make shoes, respectively, for high and low for money, the car suture and Velcro full implementation. This time the shoes will be sold around February next year, which is interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. /〉 in 1993 NIGO:registered: (Changwei Zhiming) founded a bat cheap jordan shoes for men hing APE:registered: to film the planets of the apes "slogan" ape shall never kill ape "slogan, to ape man as a logo and creative elements, in the trend of sectors led the twenty years. To celebrate today entered the 23rd anniversary of this historic milestone, in addition to the introduced earlier a joint Memorial styles bearbrick doll outside, a series of commemorative do note the series dress on stage at the same time, wh Retro jordans for sale ich include printed on the "23" gilded words of tee and printing gold lacquer 1st Camo patterns of classic shark parka and apes fans you must pay attention to. This series will be in April 2nd at the college store shelves. STORE:registered: HONG KONG BAPEHongkong Tongluowan 1 hysanavenue underground shop No. G1new year has passed, you may have to return to work, or is the way back. Review of the Spring Festival this year, th cheap foamposites ere is a young man's journey home may be the Spring Festival in the most unique. "Dream is done, the road is run out of." With this belief, in February 12th, 23 year old guy Cai Jianping starting from Shenzhen, with 5 days, running 350 km, returned to his hometown in Shantou, completed a special journey in his life. those busy with work, can not buy a ticket for not going home for the new year, at the moment you feel the fac Retro jordans for sale e? Of course, we are not blindly respected running home, all sports are built on the good physical quality, the correct way of movement, the following are some of the little jogging does not hurt the knee. do a good job in preparation, and adjust the mood before running, will make a few kilometers of running feel very relaxed, even because the state is good, run more. It is important to do the following. warm up the weather Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping is still cold, the lower the temperature easy to make muscle injury, so before running for 5 minutes of warm-up is necessary, for knee joint warm-up action squat, place high leg after the kick, also stretch thigh muscle also helps to exercise protect the knee, preparation time of not less than 5 minutes. Ready to run again, this must be done. choose shoes Master of running almost all running shoes talent, not for their interest, but the right pair of running shoes can so that movement is more safe and more effective. Here refers to the running shoes is only for running and design of shoes, not indoor sports shoes, basketball shoes is not, not climbing shoes, be sure to choose your running shoes in the professional sports brand, such as new balance, ASICs, SAUCONY, Brooks, very good running shoes models. exercise leg muscle protects the knee off the muscle what matter son? It's really about it. Muscle wrapped around our bones, it's the best protective umbrella. Muscle control directly affects the bearing capacity of the knee, said an example of how you understand: why can lift the weight of the weight of the weight of the weight of the bone? Because there is a strong muscle in the moment to give support. Running is the same, those who run for a long time, must have a moderate amount of muscle, the lines of the legs. If you don't want to start or exercise habits, exercise by running, it is necessary to practice early muscle strength. when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma fight against fakes!! Immediately search Apple App store to download and install the artifact APP-- artifact when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", micro-blog search "when the guest"!!